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Air Purification System | Charlton

Air Purification System Air Purification System Having a comfortable home goes beyond temperature settings. The quality of the air inside your house greatly affects your comfort and health. Tiny particles like mold and bacteria can cause respiratory problems, while others like pet dander, pollen and dust can be irritating. With a Pure Air Purification system

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Furnace Repair & Replace | Charlton

Furnace Repair & Replace Furnace Repair or Replace Your furnace is a very important part of your home. All heating systems require regular maintenance to make sure it is operating at its best. Keeping your furnace running in top condition can save you money in energy savings and untimely break downs & repair bills. A

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Thermostat Location | Charlton

Thermostat Location The location of your thermostat can affect your performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Poor location of your thermostat can cause unnecessary furnace and air conditioning cycling. Some of the areas where a thermostat can be poorly located: Thermostat too close to a heat source such as a direct sunlight,

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Home Comfort Controls | Charlton

Home Comfort Controls Home Comfort Controls Early thermostats and controls were mechanical in nature, regulating your furnace or air conditioner using a mercury or metal strip that would expand or contract with the temperature to open or close a switch. Today’s controls are electronic sensors anticipating heating and cooling needs before you even know you’re

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