To assure you that your air conditioning is keeping you cool and working as efficiently as possible here are som tips.

  • Air filter must be clean. Filter is located in the return air duct of your furnace or air handler. Depending on your house clean or replace your filter every 30 days.

  • Make sure a/c condenser outside is clean and free of debris. A dirty or plugged unit will work harder and be less efficient. It may also cause damage to unit.

  • Never leave the house and tunr off the a/c unit, then come back home and turn it on again. The house will build up heat again and take longer to cool down.
    If leaving fr short period of time turn temperature of a/c up a few degrees, and when you return, turn back down to your desired temperature. This will make the a/c run more efficiently.

  • Never turn the a/c off then turn back on in less than five minutes, this will short-cycle the compressor and can trip breakers, fuses or cause damage to unit.

  • Keep blinds and curtains closed to help keep the house cooler and a/c work less hard.

  • Keep condensate line clean and free for drainage. A blocked drain could freeze up a coil.

  • Do not build a deck directly above a condenser. It prevents proper circulation and could shorten the life span of the unit. Always check manufacturers’ guide for clearances.

  • Do not let pets near outside unit. Electrical wiring could be damaged by pets and unsafe for your pets, Pet urine on condenser also will corrode the unit.

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