High-efficiency furnaces generally are furnaces that are 90% efficient or higher that saves gas & electricity and reduces your fuel costs by up to 30% over your old furnace. All furnaces sold in Canada are high efficient and have an Energuide label on it. Furnaces that are 92% efficient for example, will provide 92 cents worth of heat for every dollar consumed by that unit. Older furnaces have an estimated efficiency of 55 to 65% which means you could see immediate savings by upgrading to a new furnace.

Furnaces that have an Electronically Commuted Motor (ECM) can also save energy.

Furnaces are one of the highest users of electricity in your home so a furnace with an energy saving motor will reduce your energy bill.

Older furnaces run longer to provide the same amount of heat a new furnace can provide therefore causing your utility costs to be higher.

Like most other appliances furnaces break down with age and begin to require costly replacement parts. As models get older the parts become difficult to find.

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