Hot Water Heater Lethbridge

Hot Water Heater Lethbridge

Heating water is an age-old process with a history that dates back years. The modern water heating system is a worthwhile undertaking because the technology tackles common water heating issues. It is up to us to find one that suits your hot water heater in Lethbridge, to suit your needs and budget.

What to expect water heater services


The first step towards installing, repairing, or replacing a water heater is consulting over the phone. The insured and licensed professional will assess your budget, space, and water usage needs to offer as much information as is necessary about the water heater. The most crucial information about the water heater before installation include the following:

  • Location
  • Size of the heater
  • The energy that heats the system, such as electricity or gads
  • A tankless or tank water heating model

Preparing for the water heater installation

There are a couple of ways to prepare for the installation or work with the technician to give you an efficient system. We will give you a rundown of the process, so you can clear out your schedule or at least give access to the installation space. Here is what we may look at while analyzing the water heater installation setting:

  • Preparing actual installation area by clearing debris, clutter and keeping pets away for a clear path of bringing in all the right tools
  • Features like the vents, connection points, surrounding areas, and electrical outlets

Choosing the water heater

One should make a couple of choices about the water heater installation, alongside the technician’s professional recommendations. We know that most people do not know about energy-efficient systems and rely on our advice to pick the best option. Typically, the heater ranges from a 50-gallon system to a tankless one that suits your particular household needs. We make sure you have the best kind of water heater system that lasts the entire 10-15 years.

Duration of installing the heater

The time depends on the system you choose, the type of  Lethbridge AC repair needed, and the average heater size to service your property. It is usually faster to replace the system than it is to install a completely new one. You can expect most home-type water heaters to take two to three hours for a complete installation. The following is a short breakdown of the process:

  • We will take approximately one hour to remove the old heater and ensure the space is safe by disconnecting all water supply lines strategically.
  • Putting the new heater in place and maneuvering it to the perfect angles
  • Connecting the system which takes approximately one hour. The process might be longer if a gas unit needs more than a couple of simple adjustments.

Replacing a tank with a tank takes less than one hour while switching a tank to a tankless will take more than one hour. Replacing a tankless with a tankless could be anything between one and three hours.

When you rely on Charlton & Hill, you will get a professional analysis of the actual replacement. We also offer services like heating and air conditioning in Lethbridge and HVAC services in Lethbridge, so you have a well-rounded air conditioning and water heating system. Talk to us at any time for a 24-hour response service by calling 403-394-7293.


Hot Water Heater Lethbridge

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