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We Offer Drain Cleaning For Your Lethbridge Area Home

Charlton & Hill is the company you can count on when you need drain cleaning in the Lethbridge area. We're an established plumbing company that's been around since 1941, and we're keen on helping keep your drain clean.

A slow or clogged drain is inconvenient at best and can lead to flooding at worst. In other words, it's nothing to ignore. Homeowners who stay diligent about scheduling regular drain cleaning experience fewer issues with drains that are slow-moving, blocked, or backed up.

You and your family will appreciate the benefits of keeping your drain cleaned. Our team of industry experts will provide you with the high-quality drain cleaning your plumbing needs, and your household deserves.

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Reap The Rewards Of Regular Drain Cleaning

Wise homeowners choose a Lethbridge plumbing company to work with as soon as they get settled into their new home. It's important to have already vetted a quality contractor you know you can call for emergency service without concern for the work quality.

Of course, this same company should be able to take care of scheduled tasks that help keep your plumbing in proper working order, like drain cleaning. Some of the benefits of consistent cleaning for drains:

  • Clear away waste, mineral deposits, and other obstructions
  • Avoid foul, lingering odors
  • Restore free-flowing water
  • Monitor for serious issues like tree root intrusion
  • Prevent the need for major repairs or replacement

Plus, you can avoid clogs that lead to flooding that lead to mold. Take good care of your home by preventing messy problems like drain clogs.

DIY Drain Cleaning Does More Harm Than Good

Unfortunately, it's become commonplace for homeowners to get tricked into thinking they can fix their drains. Home improvement retailers promote store-bought chemicals as useful, but that doesn't mean they're an excellent alternative to professional drain cleaning.

The primary problem is that these chemicals offer a quick but temporary fix. A plumber will get to the core of the issue to provide a long-term solution.

Another concern is that these chemical "cleaners" can damage your pipes, especially when used multiple times. And when you ignore the need for a plumber, you're going to find that clog returns again and again, and you'll need plumbing repairs to deal with the damaged pipes.

If the cause of your blocked drains is something severe like tree root intrusion, you won't know if you resolve your slow drain problem by dumping chemicals into your pipes. A professional plumber can identify the actual cause of the problem and work on making it better.

Do the right thing and call Charlton & Hill now to schedule drain cleaning for your Lethbridge home.

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