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Sump Pumps For Your Lethbridge Area Home

Sump pumps are an essential part of any home in Lethbridge, but it is time to clear up a common misconception. A sump pump doesn't dry out your basement, but it does take excess water and redirects it to the storm drain. The primary purpose is to prevent flooding in the lower level of your home.

So, you may still find moisture in your basement or crawl space; however, this device is meant to help your household avoid a mess or even disaster caused by flooding. At Charlton & Hill, we think it's essential to be able to protect your home in any way possible. As a long-established plumbing company, we've seen the destruction and devastation resulting from rain, sewage, mold, and other issues that sump pumps can help prevent.

Call today to discuss installing a sump pump or maintaining the one that you have. The best method of protection against common disasters starts at the lowest level of your home.

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Benefits Of A Sump Pump

Would you be surprised to learn that over 50% of homeowners have ongoing issues with moisture in their basement? You don't have to work for a plumbing company in Lethbridge to know that damp basements are a problem and one that sump pumps can help resolve.

Too many homeowners take the stance that since their basement rarely floods, it's just something to live with. Even if you don't mind ruining items stored in your home's lower level, it's crucial to realize that dampness can cause mold growth, which is bad news for your home, furnishings, and health.

Sump pumps help with:

  • Prevent flooding from heavy rains
  • Protection against sewer problems
  • Lower risk of mildew and mold development
  • Improve indoor air quality throughout the whole house
  • Reduce humidity levels in the basement

If all it takes is installing this device to keep your home better protected, why wouldn't you?

Stop The Problem In Its Tracks

When your drains are slow-moving, you know you need drain cleaning. So why would it be different if you know your basement or crawl space takes on water? Don't continue to subject yourself to dampness, humidity, and the threat of floods or mold when you don't have to.

The presence of water in the lower level of your home can cause more issues:

  • Wood Rot
  • Compromised Structural Integrity
  • Electrical Damage/Potential Fire Hazards
  • Insects That Thrive With Standing Water Conditions

Contact Charlton & Hill right now, and let's discuss sump pumps for the well-being of your family and Lethbridge home.

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