September 2014 – Fall Renovation


We are still enjoying the dog days of summer and the hot weather however, now is the time to plan for the colder weather ahead. It is never too early to think about what new appliances and equipment should be installed, serviced or replaced in your home before winter arrives.

If you are planning fall renovations perhaps now is the time to replace your furnace or have a new gas or wood fireplace installed in your home. A new high efficient furnace or new fireplace will add comfort, warmth and value to your home. as well as lower your monthly heating costs. If bathroom or kitchen renovations are also being considered, out prefessional and experienced plumbers can do the installation of your fixtures and appliances and provide you with suggestions and recommendations for a successful renovation project.

If your existing furnace or fireplace is in need of service, we also have professional and experienced technician who can provide the required servicing. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your appliances inspected, cleaned and serviced before that cold weather sets in.


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