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Hot Water Tanks For Your Lethbridge Area Home

Charlton & Hill has been busy replacing hot water tanks for homeowners in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. As a preferred plumbing company, it makes sense why we're regularly chosen for a job water heater replacement.

Since industry guidelines have changed in recent years to mandate that all water heaters must meet new energy efficiency standards, customers have kept us busy with replacement requests. Those homeowners nearing the end of the life cycle for their old system or eager to switch to a greener system have been our primary customers.

We're here to assist you with the service that you need; from installation and repairs to maintenance and replacement, we'll do it all. When locals think of hot water tanks, they think of us, and, more importantly, they call us to meet and exceed their service needs.

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Every Homeowner Should Have Some Water Heater Knowledge

Normally, there's not much reason for you to know a lot about hot water tanks. You can leave that to your trusted plumbing company in Lethbridge, it is a good idea to have some general information, though, so you can be a wise consumer when it comes to the upkeep and replacement of your water heater.

According to The Department of Energy, homeowners should start shopping for a new water heater once the current one reaches seven years old. Of course, many of these tanks last longer than that, as long as you take good care of yours throughout the years. However, it's good to be prepared for the likelihood you'll need a new one,once your tank reaches 10-15 years of age, or if you:

  • Have a tank leak
  • Have little to no hot water
  • Notice strange noises
  • Have calcium build-up
  • Find an increase in energy costs

A Safe & Comfortable Home

What's so great about tankless water heaters? What size water heater do you need for your household? These are great questions to ask and ones that should be addressed by industry experts.

At Charlton & Hill, we offer free estimates, and this is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. We're also available for emergency service 24/7, so you know we always have you taken care of. It would help if you had a reliable resource for data and service, but you also deserve quality customer service - we offer both.

Now is the right time to call. Contact us in Lethbridge for service for hot water tanks and other plumbing services.

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