About Charlton & Hill

About Charlton and Hill

Charlton & Hill Limited was founded in 1941 by the late Mr. M. F. Charlton and the late Mr. C.L. Hill. In 1993 we expanded our operations to allow us to better serve our customers by making Charlton & Hill a “one – stop shopping” centre for metal fabrication needs in Lethbridge. In 2001 we opened our 2nd location to expand our RoofingResidential and Commercial HVAC. 


Our commitment to you

Our commitment to “Quality Proven Over Time” has been a long standing tradition within our community and Southern Alberta for many years. We would be very pleased to provide you with quotations, service, products and advice in any of our areas of specialization.


Health and Safety

Charlton & Hill is committed to health and safety. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all our workers. Our company is part of the Partnership in Injury Reduction (PIR) program supported through the Alberta Construction Safety Association (CSA). We are proud to have a program that is in part of the Certificate of Recognition Program (COR). Along with the cooperation of Alberta Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and Alberta Workplace Health and Safety, Charlton & Hill has developed safety program and continues to maintain our safety program on an ongoing basis to meet or exceed the requirements with the Alberta Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.

Why Choose Charlton & Hill

Over the years our roofing company have continued to expand with additional locations in the city. We employ a staff of approximately 250 people in our 5 Business Units: Commercial & Industrial HVAC, Home Services, Roofing, Custom Metal Fabrication and Custom Equipment Manufacturing.

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