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Fit Heat Pump Vacation Voucher Charlton & Hill

Get a Daikin Fit heat pump from Charlton & Hill for major benefits: a $5000 Canada Greener Homes grant, a $1500 Daikin rebate, and a special vacation voucher! We understand the significance of the festive season, and we want you to celebrate without worrying about payments. Take advantage of our exclusive offer, providing you with six months of zero payments, OAC. This means you can enjoy the warmth of your new Daikin Fit heat pump without any financial strain during the holiday period.

Purchase a qualifying Canada Greener Homes (CGH) Daikin FIT system from Charlton & Hill Home Services by March 15, 2024, and you will get the following:
  • Assured $5000 Canada Greener Homes Rebate: Realize significant savings with a guaranteed $5000 CGH rebate. Charlton & Hill Home Services commits to a seamless process, ensuring your project meets the CGH grant deadline.
  • Exclusive Vacation Experience: Acquire a heightened sense of relaxation with a complimentary vacation voucher!
  • Flexible Payment Terms: Enjoy the immediate benefits of a new system without financial strain. Benefit from six months of deferred payments for ultimate financial flexibility!
  • 12-Year Warranty: Safeguard your investment with confidence. Our Daikin FIT systems come with an industry-leading 12-year warranty, ensuring long-term comfort and peace of mind.
  • Complimentary Estimate: Contact Charlton & Hill Home Services today for a complimentary estimate. Our experienced team is prepared to guide you through the process!

Canada Greener Homes will stop accepting grant applications after March. So your friends at Charlton and Hill went to work. When you buy a qualifying Daikin Fit heat pump system, we’ll guarantee the grant. And, since it’s the holidays, we’re also throwing in a fabulous vacation voucher with your FIT system. And because no one wants a heating system for Christmas, take advantage of six months of no payments, AOC. Five-thousand-dollar grant, an amazing vacation voucher, no payments for 6 months. Call Charlton & Hill Home Services for your free estimate. Offer valid on the purchase of a CGH Qualifying Daikin FIT system. Terms and conditions apply.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Offer based on the purchase of a Canada Greener Homes (CGH) Qualifying Daikin FIT system from Charlton & Hill Home Services Ltd on or before March 15, 2024.
  • “Purchase” is defined as the client having signed our estimate; and provided a deposit or completed financing approval.
  • Our guarantee is that if you purchase the above FIT system within the application deadline set by Canada Greener Homes, we will facilitate your project in a timely manner to ensure you get the CGH grant, or we will pay the grant amount. If the client impedes the scheduling of any step of the process, this guarantee is void.
  • Financing provided and facilitated by third-party financing company, on approved credit.
  • Vacation Vouchers provided by Destination Motivation, while supplies last, subject to their own terms and conditions.
  • $1500 Daikin Rebate is on qualifying Daikin furnaces and is subject to change at any time per Daikin.

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