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It isn’t hard to find a patio umbrella in the United States. You can stroll down to the any home and garden store and see dozens – even hundreds – of them lined up waiting for customers to purchase them for their outdoor dining areas. A high-quality patio umbrella, however, is markedly more difficult to find. If you want to equip your outdoor dining area with a heavy-duty, long-lasting patio umbrella, you should visit the Cool-Off online store.

At Cool-Off, we are proud to be the leading provider of patio umbrellas in America. Whether you’re looking for the best patio umbrellas for your backyard or some commercial models for your restaurant, we have a reliable solution to your needs. But what exactly makes us so special? Read this ultimate patio umbrellas buying guide to find out!

Here are just some of the reasons Cool-Off has the best patio umbrella selection in the US.

Latest Models

Believe it or not, umbrella technology is constantly changing. Manufacturers regularly pioneer new methods to increase the lifespan, effectiveness, and convenience of their umbrellas. For this reason, we make sure our virtual shelves are stocked with the very latest umbrellas on the market. On our online store, you can find the best cantilever umbrellas in 2021, along with contemporary offset models and more. 

Custom Sizes

If you want a umbrella that perfectly fits your patio table, you should consider purchasing one of our custom models. Each of our custom umbrellas is made exactly to the specifications of the customer. As such, you can be certain your umbrella will wonderfully complement the dimensions of your patio table, allowing for maximum shade and space. 

Custom Colors

Just as we offer custom sizing, we also allow our customers to customize the color of their umbrella. This is not an offer that is exclusively limited to our custom umbrellas. Even the factory-produced models in our online store have multiple different color options (often in excess of 20), so you don’t have to go for an entirely customized model if you don’t want to. With so many colors to choose from for our custom and factory-produced umbrellas, you can be certain you’ll find a model that matches your outdoor dining color scheme.

Water Resistant 

Patio umbrellas are designed to protect those beneath them from the rays of the sun. This is in stark contrast to the personal umbrella, which is designed to protect its holder from rain, snow, and hail. The patio umbrellas produced and sold by Cool-Off offer the best of both worlds. While our patio umbrellas will indeed provide protection from the sun during summertime outdoor dining sessions, they are also water resistant and can be relied upon during the colder months of the year. Additionally, our optional heavy-duty waterproofing allows clients to customize their patio umbrella for use in more extreme conditions. 

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